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Shame for Kerala- Fanatics hacking lucturers hand news July 5, 2010

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Kerala a state which claims 99 % literacy. Yesterdays news about fanatics chopping of  lucturers HAND in day light . The only crime the lucturer did was  blasphamy against mohd. This could have happened only in Afghnistan or Africa under the rule of Taliban. I am not sure how can India tolerate this crime and shame.  Hope we get the wisdom to cut the head of this fanatics.

This is a sign of danger for Kerala and country . Before this decease of fanatics disgrace the whole country I just hope some divine power will curb this mess with Iron hand.  Hope the culprits and the leader is punished soon .

The state where per capita income is high by doing less work compared to the people in other state. Thanks to the communist and union  of the workers. Today a construnction labour is earning 400 rs per day in kerala. The best in India.   Thanks to the gulf money the wages are increasing ever year.  The state which is blessed in many ways but the people are hell bent on destroying them. As someone said Kerala is God’s own country but the people living there are devils own childeren . I believe it is quit true.

With the real estate boom and no control of money coming for middle east the power of money is going to wrong hands and every day new qotation gangs with educated young people are joining for easy money by killing people. This gangs are being used by politcal parties to get rid of rivals both inside and outside party.

Only with the help of Divine force this danger can irradicated. Today it is kerala ..sure in near future it will be the country. As this fanatics have the supreme power . The supreme power in this world is MONEY. Money can do anything and everything here in this world.

Without money I can’t imagine anybody thinking of killing a ant. If in educated state like kerala this thing can come up imagine the illiterate states.

Just my thoughts..on this news . Hope God give the lucturer and his family the strength through this difficult days.

Let us all pray for the end of this fanatics and hope fanatics or any religious fight will never have the strength to destroy any family and life of anyone  anymore.


My thoughts over price rise June 29, 2010

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Price rise of food items is catching the head lines..I was wondering why is the price of normal food items like daal /rice/Vegetables going up. Is it because of the corporates which are getting into retail business or difference between supply and demand. Supply should not  be a problem as we are adopting the latest technology in agriculture field and government has come up with various schemes which encourages farmers to produce more and make more money.

Then other day I went to banana shop and wanted to buy the small bannana which was costing 32 two weeks ago now it is costing 40 rs. I asked the shop owner the reason casually . He said they are unable to find the product as the farmers are into real estate..They are either selling the land to the developers or building huge complexes and giving them on rent. Thanks to the real estate boom the land price has gone considerably up.

We can’t blame the niether the farmers nor the real estate people as the price is really good which is making them billionaires in no time. Why would farmers want to get their hand dirty in the soil by doing agriculture.

I am sure as some analyst had said one dosa costing 225 rs in 201.  if farmers become real estate business men or if realestate business man force the farmers to sell the land by showing more money or muscle. In this case government hardly can do any thing so many Foriegn investment coming in to the country to do business but no land for them to build there organisation.

I think it would be either to  start making your own vegetable garden at home. So that atleast some we can save something  by not buying vegetables from the market.

Hope we will have some agriculture land and follow organic agriculture instead of some hybrid plant which produce more chemical fruit and genetically different fruits.

Hope God can save us.


Garland of Money -Mayawati March 17, 2010

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In todays news I saw one of our politician called Mayawati. Getting a garland of Money in one of the public function. The garland was looking great and big. The garldand was made of real currency notes worth 1.8 million some say. Few people criticised it and showing on news didn’t let her followers down. 

They gave her another garland  which had worth 2.4 million rupees. She is the leader of a state called Uttar Pradesh. This state has a population over 190 million. It is India’s most populous state. This state has a very important place in the culture of India. This is considered as the birth place of Hinduism. This state is important and has good importance for Budhism as well.

Mayawati is a simple lady . She is a teacher by profession got interested into politics by her mentor Khansi Ram. She joined BSP party. Best part of her is that she belongs to a dalit community or lower caste in India.  I think she is the only leader who is dalit and has so mass following. She gradually rose to the cheif minister position in UP where people can go to any level for power.  UP is ruthless in politics and casteism.  This is unbelievable to see her to reach this level. The people who criticise are hyprocrites.  It is know fact that corruption is part of the system.

Garland of money is just a indication that she is the power and has got money and muscle.  Her party symbol is Elephant.  Elephant is power ful and it will walk no criticism and stop Elephant. It is like old saying.  No matter how much dog Barks the Elephant will keep on moving. In India corupption is not new in politics.

In 60 years of Independence each and 99%  politician has taken advantage of power and made lot of money for themselves and their family.  They have done more henious crimes. Why then the other politicians are criticising when some people are showing her there love by giving money for no personal reason.

Some take money over the table and some under the table. Under the table is more dangerous as it is given by a single person or company for there personal benefit and nobody is aware the impact of that on the society in general.  Eg giving sanction to the company that can give another Bhopal Tragedy.

Let the donation or corruption be public. It should be made public the amount of money given by companies/Persons to each political party or government official/Defence Personnel.

She is unmarried lady and has good potential to develop the state hope she gets a good guidance  and develop the state. What ever money she is getting hope she uses it to develop the community. The community has given her so much . Hope she gives it back and do justice.

Hope she will bring awareness among the people the problems of growing population and get it under control.She will create many knowledge persons like Dr Ambedkar,Entrepreneurs,doctors ,Engineers in her community .

I really hope that she doesn’t fall prey to UP politics and greed. Just hope that God give her wisdom to serve the public well.


Thoughts on G effect March 10, 2010

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The G affect on common people. There is really lot of change on the people because of global investment coming into india.

Before global  investment government office and public limited company employees had secure jobs. There was no accountability at worker lever though there were lot of politics at higher up positions. Government employees were taking bribes with out any guilt though not all.

Very few entrepreneurs countable in fingers (Birla/Tata/godrej) etc. Few communities like marwadi/gujrati into money lending business and other retail shop business.

No credit cards in india. The shop keepers used to trust and give credit to the known people without any interest .

People very rarely changed companies and didn’t run behind money or companies looking for 10 % raise or more.

Workers union in private companies could easily be bribed by owners.

Politicians could win election by money and muscle power.

As india is basically into caste based system. Though the government is trying to bring the lower people up. The education system and lack of awareness among the lower people (SC/ST/BC or other lower people) failed the government.

I think it is basically failure of education system as in the students who are weak in studies are criticised by teachers instead finding a way to teach the kid. Thanks to some charitable schools who don’t believe in castiesm did do well for the students.

Investing in shares were done only by big brokers. Other people didn’t really bother to invest. Lack of awareness.

Entertainment channels were few  and they aired good serials which could be watched by any one.The ideas and stories were real ones not the copied . The power could control the news.

public limited companies were few. Most of them were private companies.

Very few engineering colleges and medical colleges most of  seat goes to influential people.

Dowry was high among big people to show the status.

Most of the people preferred government jobs.

The price of the products were low and affordable.

Companies removing people was very rare and it was not encourage for any reason.

More of manual clerical work . No internet so face to face customer meet.

Less life style deceases like obesity/diabetics/heart.  People used to walk more and do lot of manual work.

After globalisation

People have become more money minded.

Anyone can invest in shares through a broker using internet.

Lot of new entrepreneurs .

Many new colleges and lot of people coming out as engineers even from lower caste and poor communities.

Credit cards – less headache for shop keepers more for the users.

Education becoming more competent  with lot of new methods in teaching to bring the creativity up of childrens . Eg abacus .

People are more money conscious and changing company and selling themselves as product and making profit from the companies who gives more money.

Lot of millionaires and billionaires in india now compared to before.

Young men coming into politics and the salaries of govt employees has increased so less of corruption compared to earlier times.

Work has become more of process oriented .

Companies are removing people for any reason without any shame. People are also leaving companies the same way.

Everything is calculated on money ,time and resource.

internet has made less people dependent so no more face to face meet required and adding frustration with people for small things . Less sensitivity towards human emotions part. 

More entertainment channels. Serials and tv programmes are copied . Very few original ideas and story. Most of the serials shows the extreme relationship crisis and characters with glamour.

More money ..equally proptionate life style deceases with limited cure and new deaseases like aids/chicken gunia/sars have been imported.

New problems like terrorism/nasalisms are growing.

I think the globalisation has really done well for the people so far. Going the right way. Hope soon we will be developed country and powerfull with the help of the powerful and by helping the powerful(country and companies ) in there plan.


Hello world! October 1, 2008

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