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Garland of Money -Mayawati March 17, 2010

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In todays news I saw one of our politician called Mayawati. Getting a garland of Money in one of the public function. The garland was looking great and big. The garldand was made of real currency notes worth 1.8 million some say. Few people criticised it and showing on news didn’t let her followers down. 

They gave her another garland  which had worth 2.4 million rupees. She is the leader of a state called Uttar Pradesh. This state has a population over 190 million. It is India’s most populous state. This state has a very important place in the culture of India. This is considered as the birth place of Hinduism. This state is important and has good importance for Budhism as well.

Mayawati is a simple lady . She is a teacher by profession got interested into politics by her mentor Khansi Ram. She joined BSP party. Best part of her is that she belongs to a dalit community or lower caste in India.  I think she is the only leader who is dalit and has so mass following. She gradually rose to the cheif minister position in UP where people can go to any level for power.  UP is ruthless in politics and casteism.  This is unbelievable to see her to reach this level. The people who criticise are hyprocrites.  It is know fact that corruption is part of the system.

Garland of money is just a indication that she is the power and has got money and muscle.  Her party symbol is Elephant.  Elephant is power ful and it will walk no criticism and stop Elephant. It is like old saying.  No matter how much dog Barks the Elephant will keep on moving. In India corupption is not new in politics.

In 60 years of Independence each and 99%  politician has taken advantage of power and made lot of money for themselves and their family.  They have done more henious crimes. Why then the other politicians are criticising when some people are showing her there love by giving money for no personal reason.

Some take money over the table and some under the table. Under the table is more dangerous as it is given by a single person or company for there personal benefit and nobody is aware the impact of that on the society in general.  Eg giving sanction to the company that can give another Bhopal Tragedy.

Let the donation or corruption be public. It should be made public the amount of money given by companies/Persons to each political party or government official/Defence Personnel.

She is unmarried lady and has good potential to develop the state hope she gets a good guidance  and develop the state. What ever money she is getting hope she uses it to develop the community. The community has given her so much . Hope she gives it back and do justice.

Hope she will bring awareness among the people the problems of growing population and get it under control.She will create many knowledge persons like Dr Ambedkar,Entrepreneurs,doctors ,Engineers in her community .

I really hope that she doesn’t fall prey to UP politics and greed. Just hope that God give her wisdom to serve the public well.


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