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Just for fun October 1, 2008

I have been thinking of having my own blog site for a long time to write nonsence :-).I think i will start with just my thoughts over today business scenario and the future of common people besides so called leaders. As I am in the IT industry for over a 10 years. Have seen all the hype,burst of the industry. The way this industry has changed our country and the world . I can’t remember of any other industry besides the actual industrial revolution.

Today  the business had reached to the competitive state where the executives have lost the hope of increasing the profit by increasing business or have become so greedy that the profit is not enough from the business and they found an alternave way to increase the profit by reducing the cost and pay more tax so that it will help develop the economy of the country.

I think in todays competitive world it is human being worse Corporates. God know who will win. I can bet on corporates.

I am sure corporates can find an alternative to human beings to run their in business and use their products in future.

I think that would be highest level of scientific and economic advancement. Hope we reach soon. I am sure all leaders would find some thing more than this in their dream and passion of life.

It is going to be one world . Countries will be different for just name sake.



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