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My thoughts over price rise June 29, 2010

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Price rise of food items is catching the head lines..I was wondering why is the price of normal food items like daal /rice/Vegetables going up. Is it because of the corporates which are getting into retail business or difference between supply and demand. Supply should not  be a problem as we are adopting the latest technology in agriculture field and government has come up with various schemes which encourages farmers to produce more and make more money.

Then other day I went to banana shop and wanted to buy the small bannana which was costing 32 two weeks ago now it is costing 40 rs. I asked the shop owner the reason casually . He said they are unable to find the product as the farmers are into real estate..They are either selling the land to the developers or building huge complexes and giving them on rent. Thanks to the real estate boom the land price has gone considerably up.

We can’t blame the niether the farmers nor the real estate people as the price is really good which is making them billionaires in no time. Why would farmers want to get their hand dirty in the soil by doing agriculture.

I am sure as some analyst had said one dosa costing 225 rs in 201.  if farmers become real estate business men or if realestate business man force the farmers to sell the land by showing more money or muscle. In this case government hardly can do any thing so many Foriegn investment coming in to the country to do business but no land for them to build there organisation.

I think it would be either to  start making your own vegetable garden at home. So that atleast some we can save something  by not buying vegetables from the market.

Hope we will have some agriculture land and follow organic agriculture instead of some hybrid plant which produce more chemical fruit and genetically different fruits.

Hope God can save us.