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Terrorism – My thoughts Just for fun December 8, 2008

Being an Indian terrorism was no new word. I had heard it even before 2000. But the terror attack on US in 2001 shaked me and like any other indian software pro my dream to go to US looked blurred . I cursed the terrorist who had done that and the muslims all over the world I started thinking them that they are a issue for all the problems.

Till then I never cursed the terrorist which attacked my country India. I mean never cursed the terrorist in Kashmir/Punjab. May be I might have cursed Terrorist who attacked Kashmir. Kashmir is a tourist place and because of this terroris it had become difficult to go there.Another reason to curse was the documentary on the issues of Kashmiri Pandits.It is painful for anyone if somebody kicks out of their houses.

Anyhow after this Bombay attack just a thougt came to mind is Terrorism a natures way to balance the world .I think the population is the major problem for Asia. In India though government had taken so many family planning programmes the population could never be controlled. How come we never became a responsible citizens and part of the world. Why the people are not aware of the population problem and give to birth as per their income  instead of producing the childrens which become a curse to the world and society like the pakistani terrorist. If his parents would have given birth to one baby whom they could have looked after well. I think the in India we do have certain people who marry and produce children like animals without any plan and finally I am sure the kids will not get good childhood and they end up like parasite to the world.The parents should plan for the child so that the child will never be a burden to the society and world .

May be countries like India,China,Pakistan and other underdeveloped countries should have this as part of constitution to have kids as per our income and luxury  . A family below poverty level should have only one kid if they want .If the people below poverty level have more kids the inequality of income increases and to look after many kids the whole family have to work  to just provide basic needs of the family.

Inequality of income and continous increase in population would give rise to evil like Terrorism/War/Riots/Genocide. May be terrorism is another natures way to balance the world and its creatures need. As I had learnt in Economics that nature balances the population by wars,natural disaster like earth quake ,floods ,volcano,Deceases.

Terrorism is also part of this. It is just a small way to balance the world .Like taking small dose of medicine for a decease .If it gets cured by small dose it is fine or else go for a big dose like Tsunami/wars/epidemic decease. Well may be it is warning to all religions . It is better for all religion to act as per the time and change or else perish. Islam would be a good example of this . If they don’t change they would perish as most of the old religions .

Hatred towards other religion and self denial and getting isolated from the present situation and world would definetly lead to the end . May be we should look over our history with related to terrorism and their time of occurance. Human beings have faced terrorism may be since the begining of the world. Animals like dinasours/Lions/Elephants might have terrorised us.

May be different cult and tribe have terrorised each other for their supremacy all this was a way of nature to balance.

I strongly think that terrorism/recession is a small dose by nature to balance the world . I pray and hope we would recover from this than go for more or over  dose of nature’s curse.



4 Responses to “Terrorism – My thoughts Just for fun”

  1. Kaustuv Says:

    you are only deluding youself by ascribing terrorism to factors like “overpopulation”, “poverty” etc.

    how does that explain well educated muslims resorting to terrorism?

    • shillerp Says:

      I have mentioned inequality in income . The educated muslims are in self denial stage. The are not able to mix up with common real world. They find themselves isolated and unable to mix up becuase of the wrong doings of mass illiterate muslims . This illiterate muslims are being taught wrong things by illiterate teachers in madarasas . This teachers and their family just are their to enjoy the gulf money which comes as charity for this madarasas.

  2. Kaustuv Says:

    “The educated muslims are in self denial stage. The are not able to mix up with common real world.”

    so they take AK 47s, go on a killing spree cuz they cant “mix up” in the real world?

    how come it doesn’t happen to other communities?

  3. Kaustuv Says:

    and also, what stops them from “mixing up”?

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