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Shame for Kerala- Fanatics hacking lucturers hand news July 5, 2010

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Kerala a state which claims 99 % literacy. Yesterdays news about fanatics chopping of  lucturers HAND in day light . The only crime the lucturer did was  blasphamy against mohd. This could have happened only in Afghnistan or Africa under the rule of Taliban. I am not sure how can India tolerate this crime and shame.  Hope we get the wisdom to cut the head of this fanatics.

This is a sign of danger for Kerala and country . Before this decease of fanatics disgrace the whole country I just hope some divine power will curb this mess with Iron hand.  Hope the culprits and the leader is punished soon .

The state where per capita income is high by doing less work compared to the people in other state. Thanks to the communist and union  of the workers. Today a construnction labour is earning 400 rs per day in kerala. The best in India.   Thanks to the gulf money the wages are increasing ever year.  The state which is blessed in many ways but the people are hell bent on destroying them. As someone said Kerala is God’s own country but the people living there are devils own childeren . I believe it is quit true.

With the real estate boom and no control of money coming for middle east the power of money is going to wrong hands and every day new qotation gangs with educated young people are joining for easy money by killing people. This gangs are being used by politcal parties to get rid of rivals both inside and outside party.

Only with the help of Divine force this danger can irradicated. Today it is kerala ..sure in near future it will be the country. As this fanatics have the supreme power . The supreme power in this world is MONEY. Money can do anything and everything here in this world.

Without money I can’t imagine anybody thinking of killing a ant. If in educated state like kerala this thing can come up imagine the illiterate states.

Just my thoughts..on this news . Hope God give the lucturer and his family the strength through this difficult days.

Let us all pray for the end of this fanatics and hope fanatics or any religious fight will never have the strength to destroy any family and life of anyone  anymore.


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