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Thoughts on G effect March 10, 2010

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The G affect on common people. There is really lot of change on the people because of global investment coming into india.

Before global  investment government office and public limited company employees had secure jobs. There was no accountability at worker lever though there were lot of politics at higher up positions. Government employees were taking bribes with out any guilt though not all.

Very few entrepreneurs countable in fingers (Birla/Tata/godrej) etc. Few communities like marwadi/gujrati into money lending business and other retail shop business.

No credit cards in india. The shop keepers used to trust and give credit to the known people without any interest .

People very rarely changed companies and didn’t run behind money or companies looking for 10 % raise or more.

Workers union in private companies could easily be bribed by owners.

Politicians could win election by money and muscle power.

As india is basically into caste based system. Though the government is trying to bring the lower people up. The education system and lack of awareness among the lower people (SC/ST/BC or other lower people) failed the government.

I think it is basically failure of education system as in the students who are weak in studies are criticised by teachers instead finding a way to teach the kid. Thanks to some charitable schools who don’t believe in castiesm did do well for the students.

Investing in shares were done only by big brokers. Other people didn’t really bother to invest. Lack of awareness.

Entertainment channels were few  and they aired good serials which could be watched by any one.The ideas and stories were real ones not the copied . The power could control the news.

public limited companies were few. Most of them were private companies.

Very few engineering colleges and medical colleges most of  seat goes to influential people.

Dowry was high among big people to show the status.

Most of the people preferred government jobs.

The price of the products were low and affordable.

Companies removing people was very rare and it was not encourage for any reason.

More of manual clerical work . No internet so face to face customer meet.

Less life style deceases like obesity/diabetics/heart.  People used to walk more and do lot of manual work.

After globalisation

People have become more money minded.

Anyone can invest in shares through a broker using internet.

Lot of new entrepreneurs .

Many new colleges and lot of people coming out as engineers even from lower caste and poor communities.

Credit cards – less headache for shop keepers more for the users.

Education becoming more competent  with lot of new methods in teaching to bring the creativity up of childrens . Eg abacus .

People are more money conscious and changing company and selling themselves as product and making profit from the companies who gives more money.

Lot of millionaires and billionaires in india now compared to before.

Young men coming into politics and the salaries of govt employees has increased so less of corruption compared to earlier times.

Work has become more of process oriented .

Companies are removing people for any reason without any shame. People are also leaving companies the same way.

Everything is calculated on money ,time and resource.

internet has made less people dependent so no more face to face meet required and adding frustration with people for small things . Less sensitivity towards human emotions part. 

More entertainment channels. Serials and tv programmes are copied . Very few original ideas and story. Most of the serials shows the extreme relationship crisis and characters with glamour.

More money ..equally proptionate life style deceases with limited cure and new deaseases like aids/chicken gunia/sars have been imported.

New problems like terrorism/nasalisms are growing.

I think the globalisation has really done well for the people so far. Going the right way. Hope soon we will be developed country and powerfull with the help of the powerful and by helping the powerful(country and companies ) in there plan.