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Thoughts of Electric Car using windpower March 12, 2010

Globar warming and rise in petrol prices. The companies are focussing on innovation in electric cars. Reva is one of the company in India which has successfully launched electric car which runs on batter. More new ones are coming.

I was wondering India being the land of sun light . No companies have planned to use the solar power.

It is really surprise why no company has thought of using wind power to charge the battery and run the car. As wind is automatically generate when the car moves.

No need to look for a plugin points to charge the battery. I think wind power would be the best as you drive the car the wind is automatic and the battery be charged as the car is on move. The faster the car moves it gets charged sooner.

Just my thoughts . It would be break through technology if they can use wind power or solar energy. Wind power would be best as it is availabe all the time day or night. Solar enery more dependent on sun.


One Response to “Thoughts of Electric Car using windpower”

  1. lakshmi Says:

    very interesting point of view

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